Children and technology

Ryan and Deci outline three basic psychological needs associated with intrinsic motivation that can be applied to children’s use of technology: competence: children succeeding in what they do and feeling that they can master a challenge effectively relatedness: children connecting with others and feeling close to other people using online networking autonomy: children being in … More Children and technology


I like the idea of using rubrics for assessment as well as learning. The linked website below is good for ICT and a few other areas. If anyone finds another resource please let me know. I can see it being useful for students to move along their own learning path as well as more formal … More Rubrics

21st Century Skills

From here Learning Skills: Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Collaboration Communication Literacy Skills: Information Literacy Media Literacy Technology Literacy Life Skills: Flexibility Initiative Social Skills Productivity Leadership

Learning styles

i like the ideas behind ways to deepen thinking and visible thinking routines which links with blogging. The latter has a good example on the Langwitches site. Deepen thinking A few key principles apply: Encourage active participation (as opposed to simply passive observation). This requires that every student participates, not just the ones who … More Learning styles