Video games for the brain

there is evidence that playing video games can have short and long term benefits on the brain. Developing multitasking. This experiment measured the ability to recognise 3D spatial awareness before and after playing video games as well as several weeks later.





Working with video games manufacturers – want to best bits of gaming , the chocolate and the benefits of broccoli. Not traditionally a pleasant combination.

From Raise Smart kid website …

Positive aspects may include:

developing children’s problem-solving and logical thinking
improving hand–eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills
encouraging quick thinking and decision making
improving memory and concentration and the ability to engage in multitasking
Negative aspects may include:

screen time binging is bad for the eyes
violent video games are likely to increase aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviours
video games can lead to attention problems and greater distractibility
they can lead to social isolation and less time spent in other activities
they can encourage children to confuse reality with fantasy
they can be detrimental to children’s health, for instance in obesity or video-induced seizures.

It has been  shown that what you do before bed affects retention of what has been learnt …



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