Social identities in cyberspace

secondsSherry: I think you’ve started to get almost a new personality type. It moves from I have a feeling, I want to make a call to I want to have a feeling, I need to make a call. There’s a sense in which you almost need the validation and the support of the community to, in fact, feel the feeling in the first place. Bringing other people into the loop of feeling your feeling. This is very seductive.

secondsSherry: You start to want to hide. I cannot live the Blackberry version of my life. I cannot be, read, know, all of the places and spaces and feelings…. and Facebook. My life is more than I can live. We’re no longer nourished but, consumed in some way by what we’ve created.

The effect of social media on children

The bad, the ugly the good of social media

Help your child learn through technology
Professor Lydia Plowman has researched the way children learn through apps and games. In this video she explains what parents can do to do to unlock the learning benefits of technology for their child.

There are many additional educational advantages of allowing children access to this online environment. By solving a wide range of fun, daily puzzles they gain new skills, including logic, spatial awareness, problem solving, numeracy and verbal communication.





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