Learning styles

i like the ideas behind ways to deepen thinking and visible thinking routines which links with blogging. The latter has a good example on the Langwitches site.

Deepen thinking


A few key principles apply: Encourage active participation (as opposed to simply passive observation). This requires that every student participates, not just the ones who readily volunteer. It also requires that students interact with each other, instead of simply speaking in succession. Facilitate deep processing (as opposed to more shallow forms of learning, which involve regurgitating information exactly as it was presented). This requires that students not only hear or see, but also mentally manipulate the information—considering its implications and significance, comparing it to what they already know, synthesizing and digesting it, and sharing it with others. Let students use multiple modalities (and if possible, their choice of modalities) to experience the content and express their learning. – See more at: http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/teaching-strategies-deeper-learning.shtml#sthash.B8hFwzhY.dpuf


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