I like the idea of using rubrics for assessment as well as learning. The linked website below is good for ICT and a few other areas. If anyone finds another resource please let me know. I can see it being useful for students to move along their own learning path as well as more formal … More Rubrics

21st Century Skills

From here Learning Skills: Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Collaboration Communication Literacy Skills: Information Literacy Media Literacy Technology Literacy Life Skills: Flexibility Initiative Social Skills Productivity Leadership

Learning styles

i like the ideas behind ways to deepen thinking and visible thinking routines which links with blogging. The latter has a good example on the Langwitches site. Deepen thinking A few key principles apply: Encourage active participation (as opposed to simply passive observation). This requires that every student participates, not just the ones who … More Learning styles

Changes in school

Go to the Discussion Forum for Activity 2.2.3. and choose one of the Forum threads Changes in teaching and learning Changes in educational resources Changes in relations between teachers and students Changes in school life Changes in physical space Changes in student motivation


“ Resources by Academic Subject Math Science History English Resources by Topics Research and Writing Multimedia Presentations Discussion and Collaboration Google Apps for Education Resources by Learning Activity Create Timelines Publish their writings Backchannelling or enable a real time discussion